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Remote work is fast becoming a business culture globally. According to findings, over 60% of companies use remote workers for most of their jobs, especially software development. Agile tools help to communicate with a dedicated development team. This has a lot of advantages. Aside from that, it ensures expertise, efficiency, and transparency in work. It can eliminate hiring problems, and save your company over $10,000 worth of waste yearly. Sounds great, right?

However, remote work suffers some hindrances that make it impossible for some companies to adopt. Such a major issue is communication hitches.

When you cannot effectively communicate, share and track all discussions with your dedicated team, it will be nearly impossible to work them. This is why agile communication tools are so vital for remote work. These tools help you overcome whatever issues or hindrances you may encounter with your team.

Let’s get straight into it…

Different Tools Under Agile communication

The agile communication strategy ensures easier and faster adjustment to changes much better than a lot of other strategies will do. The major essence of this strategy is to ensure that users can revise work more efficiently and effectively. And you don’t have hard-times making changes on your project when you need to.

To make effective use of this strategy you need to take some steps. There are tools for communication that are in place to ensure that this strategy works much better. One quality these tools share is that they make communication simple and easy.

They include…


Meeting the team you intend to work with is, indeed, a better and more reasonable way to communicate. This lets you know them before you proceed to work. And while it establishes trust, it also builds a relationship between you both. And you do know that this is very vital in working with a dedicated team.

Chat Tools

These are means that help you discuss and communicate with your dedicated teams in a quicker and more suitable strategy.  Some of them are chat, Emails, messages, and newsgroups. Good a thing, a lot of Apps are available to support these efforts.

Communication tools for teamwork

What this set of tools do is to enable you to work well with your remote team in real-time irrespective of your locations. The tools can be broken down into two: collaboration modeling tools and collaborative writing tools. The first one includes tools under CASE (i.e. Computer-aided Software Engineering Tools) or SBMT (Software-Based Modeling Tools). The tools use browser. They help you share information and collaborate with your remote team to build solutions for your projects.

The second enables you to share files, ideas, and tables online. Any member of your team you allow can make updates on the platform in real-time and from wherever location they are. Examples of this class of tools are Wikis and Google Docs. With Wikis, you can preserve all your data, memory system and activities, that are very important and helpful to your remote team.

Online or Virtual office tools

Internet-based office tools are multitasking. They join time-tracking with project management.

Web-conferencing tools

This set of tools is best for interactive seminars and schedules.

Tools for Videoconferencing

These tools are widely known, and it is clear why it is so. They make your interaction with your remote team visible. Of course, seeing the person(s) you are working with helps you know them better. This equally makes your communication with them very mutual and strong.

More so, you can build trust and relationship with each other just like it would be meeting them physically.

Tools for Teleconferencing

These are also added value to communication and collaboration with your virtual teams. They help you and your teams make presentations and exchange screens from wherever you are.

And to add, any of your team members can comment while presentations are going on and exchange information. Sonexis is a good example of the tools.

Sharing tools

With these tools, you can send or store screenshots and other documents. And you make give longer, more accurate and apt descriptions and notes on the documents shared.

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Suggested Communication Tools To Choose from

Now you understand the different kinds of remote team communication tools that exist. But, it may be difficult for you to pick from them the right tool that will work best for you.

Let’s discuss the most widely used tools and their unique features to help you make the right choice.

slack as agile communication tool


This is a cloud-based tool best for teamwork. This tool helps you and your remote team to arrange projects, files, and information very well. On the platform, the team leader sends an invitation to team members to join. You can chat as a group and equally send personal messages. Being able to join other software tools like Dropbox and Google Drive gives it a big edge.
asana task manager


That Asana as a suitable tool for organizing tasks, projects, and their efficiency. It makes it easy to collaborate, share information and status, and distinguish tasks, which ensures everyone is in harmony and may check on progress, thus increasing the rate of performance and efficiency in communication.
clickup task manager


ClickUp services such as tasking, goal setting and real time activities. It consolidates the tasks which in turn makes it easier to have well-understood directions and organization patterns. Thus, it provides a flexible views and integrations so that no member of the team will be left ignorant nor unproductive.
atlassian agile sotware apps


This is also a great tool to collaborate with your dedicated teams. The unique thing about Dropbox is that it makes memory sticks irrelevant. This is because you can store all your data in a particular location. You can equally backup all necessary data.
jira as agile communication tool

Jira Software

This is another multitasking tool. Aside from helping in project management, it makes project tracking very easy with its bug-tracking system. Software developers may enjoy this App better. Jira has 3 different packages: Jira Agile, Jira Core which is software-based and Jira Service Desk. The tool has a pre-made home for different methods of project management so you won’t have a problem in knowing a particular type of project.
timedoctor agile tracking tool

Time Doctor

This platform is more like a real online office. A major cause for worry for organizations that intend to work with remote teams is to determine if their team members are truly handling their tasks. To get this done proved difficult before now. But, Time Doctor has helped to solve the problem. You can now track and regulate the time your team members used to work. You can equally determine the breaks they take and meetings, and monitor their attendance. Not to forget; you can track the Apps your remote team members use, the websites they visit and lots more.
trello agile task manager


Trello is an online tool for remote work that helps you track your work with your dedicated team. It segments members into groups. On the platform, boards that have lists of jobs are used in the place of projects. Each of the lists on the boards has cards, and in those cards are tasks for team members. More so, you have access to a limitless number of tabs, comments and more.
gotomeeting agile communication tool

Go To Meeting

This is a very unique tool that has changed how teams work together and collectively. You can discuss, chat and share ideas and files mutually.
confluence agile tool


This tool is quite one of the most recognized tools. It makes it so easy for you to share documents. It is one of the Wikis tools, although, it has its own unique qualities.
Basecamp agile communication tool


This is a global tool. With Basecamp, you can, amongst many other things, chat, exchange documents and information. If you like to arrange files, this tool will help you better.
bandicam Recording video tool


It promotes agility of communication by extending the possibility to record screen captures and videos to the members of a team. As a practical tool for mapping out work processes, as well as conventions for handling various matters, this tool provides an easy way of making sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the work processes, and provides a detailed way of offering feedback where certain processes do not seem to flow as planned.
lightshot screenshot agile tool


Lightshot making it fast and convenient to take screenshots. It assists in recording feedback, annotations, and ideas as well as to share them in a few seconds. This raises the understanding of jobs and issues among team members to a very high level due to elimination of misunderstandings in communications.

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Wrap up…

It is necessary to reiterate that remote or dedicated teamwork faces its own issues and challenges. You can tell how disappointing it feels when your remote team fails to deliver on your expectation. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is necessary to track, control and review their performances and the progress of projects in real-time. This is what the right communication tool will help you do.

It is important you choose the tool – out of the many mentioned above – that can help you solve at least, majority of your remote teamwork needs. The Agile strategy is indeed your best bet. Its features address virtually every issue you may encounter.

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