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Dedicated Team – 5 Things you should know

Having a convenient Dedicated Team team is an important resource because it helps an organization achieve many objectives in different projects. There are many advantages that these teams bring, this includes sharing of tasks that allows individual experts to specialize on tasks they can perform best. Iron sharpens iron, and this is evident when a group of experts takes part in a project. That is why the concept of dedicated teams was tailored to promote teamwork and help businesses. This is common among the different organizations, and thus, it is important to know how dedicated teams work, and how it contrasts with other models. This article will help you understand this concept by sharing five important things about this model.

5 Things about a Dedicated Team you should know

The concepts behind a Dedicated Team

In simple terms, a dedicated development team is a well-selected team of experts that work remotely in accelerating the enterprise’s software development life cycle. This ranges from the first step of problem definition or the way to the maintenance and support stage of the development process. The team only concentrates entirely on working for the company, and might not engage with other employers.

The model may seem to be similar to the subcontracting model (outsourcing), but they are different. Outsourcing is a model of hiring individuals or groups that work on a short-term basis. In this model, the team works under their conditions, but in a dedicated team model, they follow the code of operation by the company.

Dedicated teamwork under the same working conditions as other full-time employees only that in this case, they work from home (remotely). The key driver is the responsibility of all team players to ensure the company meets its vision.

The structure of a Dedicated Team

You can structure the team like any other department in the organization, depending on the companies’ policies, but it’s important to factor in different structural needs that arise. You need to set the regulations to guide the code of conduct by these teams and ensure they are updated on the business’s needs. The structure should also consider the number of team members. The larger the team the more you will involve managerial personnel. Moreover, it is important to ensure there is a mode of communication between the team and the managers.

If you have simple and shorter tasks you can opt for the model with several experts/ developers. For such you can manage the team directly. But if there is a lot to be done involve a Project manager who will report to you.

The Merits of a Dedicated Team

To get a better understanding of this working model. Let us look at the benefits that come with this working model.

Builds Trust

You will actively undertake the recruiting of professionals. This will involve technical interviews to ascertain that every individual you select is fit for the team. Moreover, you will introduce the business’s goals, missions, and visions to those who will pass the interview. This ensures efficiency in the responsibilities and also builds trust between the board and the employees. This creates a meaningful working environment.

Maintains good working ethics

A dedicated team is similar to any other employee of the company. So, they have to uphold and obey the organization’s working policies. This involves values, code of conduct, transparency, etc. This ensures the team is committed to the company, by promoting good working ethics.

Easy communication

With the current trends in the tech world, many channels facilitate communication. This helps individuals working remotely interact with their teammates and employers. With this, you don’t need many managers, because you can reach out to them directly at any time.


Dedicated teams are more flexible than teams in the outsourcing model. This is because the team players can’t participate in other projects by other enterprises. This makes it possible for them to adjust promptly depending on your schedules. You get the privilege to assign urgent tasks to any member without a need to inform them prior.

Other advantages include:
Reduction in operation cost
•Increased scalability

Evaluating whether you need a dedicated team

Maybe you are not sure whether you need a remote team? Let us give you some tips to consider in deciding if this model is what your business needs to achieve its objectives.

Consider the size of the project. If you have a large project that comprises a lot of involvement, then a dedicated team will work. Plus if the working plan is for a long-term engagement, the model will fit. But, if you are working on short projects with limited time, consider the solution-based models.

Finally, also consider your budget. If you have a flexible budget, dedicated experts are your perfect model, but, with a tight budget, this will not be achievable.

In evaluating whether you need a dedicated team, it’s crucial to consider the expertise and commitment required for your project. If you’re considering this model for its flexibility and aligned work ethics, it may be beneficial to explore options to hire dedicated development team that can seamlessly integrate with your organizational goals and work culture.

Simple steps of coming up with a Team

You have decided a dedicated team is what will work for you, how then do you go about it? In this process, it is good to work with Human Resources managers. Then proceed with these steps.

Start by discussing with bard and HR the needs.

This can involve ads on different social media platforms or through referrals.

When you get a good number of applicants you can proceed to the interviews.

A technical task will be necessary to ascertain that an individual has the skills.

This will involve equipping and training them on how they will be working, and submitting their work.

The HR can now help the team advance to more projects.


A dedicated team is a good resource for companies with long-term projects that involve a lot of time. Plus they should have a sizable budget allocation. It works best in such cases and will increase productivity by up to 70%. When you set up everything correctly your business will be ready to meet its objectives.

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