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5 Strong Reasons You Need WordPress


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Why do I really need WordPress for my website? – the question that may occupy your mind immediately you saw this topic.

Sure, you aren’t asking amiss. After all, not every website and blog across the internet uses WordPress. So, what makes it special for you?

Well, it’s quite unfortunate many people know this platform but have little knowledge of its many great qualities. In short, Word-Press is the premium choice for whoever needs a site.

Let’s break it down…

Word-Press is a free platform! Ok, maybe this shouldn’t have come first. Since not all freebies are worth it. But, same can’t be said about this CMS tool. It is about the only one with flexible features with which you can do virtually unlimited changes. There is a vigorous community of users behind it. Its developers are increasingly growing its collection of layouts, themes and plug-ins to enable you to handle whatever future need that may arise.

That’s not just all.

Though WordPress is popular with blogs, it is perfect for any website including e-commerce, social networking forums, business or organization websites – name them!

No doubt, everybody wishes to have a website from the best content management system. At least, your website problems are nearly solved with such a good platform.

Sure, other good platforms exist. Nevertheless, you need the one with the right features to cover your site needs. And these 5 points capture why WordPress is king! While they do not exhaust the many great benefits of WordPress, they reveal the critical importance of using WordPress.

It is a free CMS

This means that WordPress is open, free and accessible to all. You use it to build WordPress. That’s open source. The code is available for free online. When you get it, you can redesign so that it is exactly how you want your website to look.

Moreover, it is worthy of note that as an open source CMS, Word-Press will not expose your domain to dangers. If anything, it tightens the security of your website and protects it so that it doesn’t run the risks most websites with a weak domain are exposed to.

Currently, Word-Press boasts of over 31, 000 plug-ins and over 2, 600 thematic functions that can help you make a unique site. Just get a good host, and you are set!

You can easily Customize it

Of course, CMS is nearly useless if you don’t have the freedom to create your own designs to suit your unique needs. WordPress ensure you enjoy this. With its broader plug-ins and thematic features, you can build your own project or need-specific domain.

It’s important you understand that while loads of free themes and plug-ins exist on WordPress, there are still premium ones. Of course, with its premium offer, you have unlimited access to every bit of its features to create a good site with better user engagements and functionalities.

But, you may not even need to go for the premium offer. Selecting the right plugin may be enough to help you create the exact functional site you wish for. Since, there is are specific plug-ins for each functionality you need.

 It is friendly for Search Engine Optimization

One can’t possibly deny the fact that WordPress has the best SEO design. But, it isn’t just about its elementary design. You can also enhance the SEO functionality and boost your domain’s SEO.

Isn’t that the wish of everyone that seeks to own or has a site? Who would be happy to see few or no visitors on their site after putting in so much work on the site? Sure, no one.

This is one area WordPress scores very highly. It is written with high-standard clear and simple compliance codes to be able to create semantic markups. Also, it has SEO-friendly functionality. So, your website is easily accessible to search engine crawlers. And this helps in fast ranking of your posts and pages for organic traffic.

More so, its logical and responsive design makes it preferred to search engines. Each page and post has special Meta tag keywords, and this ensures accurate optimization of the posts and pages.

You can easily Run and Manage it

Even people who do not use it know it for a fact. Word-Press has the best easy-to-use interface. The user interface is clear, easy-to-follow, and written in very ordinary language.

It is easy for both the tech-savvy and newbie users. Just follow the instruction, that’s all. It equally has functionalities like Custom Fields and Custom Post Types to manage different web pages and posts of the site.

WordPress is a better platform for site security

As earlier stated, this CMS was built to guarantee the security of your site. This is perhaps, why most people consider it a more secure and much safer platform for websites. This is not to deny that there are no security dangers. There are.

However, what reassures users is that WordPress offers a continuous update on its plug-ins. This ensures there is adequate security cover to all sites on it.

This is not to say you should throw caution to the wind when trying to download plug-ins. Avoid sites you don’t trust. A more secure way is to get your plug-ins on WordPress.

Wrap up

The points discussed here notwithstanding, there are many other benefits of WordPress. You should concern yourself with having a platform that offers you virtually or most of all functionalities that make a great domain.

You should make security, freedom, SEO and better functionality top priority. They should guide your choice. And with these, WordPress is certainly a top pick for you.

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